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Program Director

Janette Court

Janette Court is Director of the Food and Wellness Program at Sahaba Initiative and a certified Community Health Worker committed to expanding access to health and wellness resources in the Inland Empire. With a Bachelor of Science in Health Science focusing on Healthcare Management, she has a strong foundation in healthcare operations and management.

Her diverse roles, including a significant tenure at Al-Shifa Clinic in San Bernardino and Clinic Manager at an integrated medical office, have broadened her experience in healthcare administration. Janette’s duties ranged from patient referral management to grant reporting, showcasing her adaptability and competence.

Currently, Janette is pursuing a Master’s in Healthcare Administration, highlighting her dedication to continuous learning and staying updated with healthcare trends and best practices. A proud participant in Sahaba’s accelerated program, her certification as a Community Health Worker further underscores her commitment to public health and community service.

Leading the Food and Wellness Program, Janette’s unwavering dedication to healthcare and community service is evident in her efforts to promote health and wellness. Her commitment to public health, combined with her administrative expertise, enables her to make meaningful contributions in the field of community health.