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Refugee Support Services

At Sahaba Initiative, we are acutely aware of the global refugee crisis and understand the unique struggles that refugees face. That’s why a critical part of our mission is to aid and support refugee families, who are newly arriving in the Inland Empire, as they transition into their new community.

The values that guide our organization encompass compassion, understanding, and respect for all cultures and languages. Therefore, our refugee services are designed with cultural and linguistic sensitivity at the forefront.

We understand that navigating a new country and community, especially for those who have been forced to flee their homes, is a daunting process that involves more than just physical relocation.

Our extensive case management for refugees goes beyond the basics of finding housing and employment. We consider the multifaceted needs of refugees, who often require help in areas that can be overlooked. This includes help with language skills, navigating public transportation, understanding American customs and norms, and enrolling children in school, among other aspects.

Each refugee family has a unique story, and our culturally sensitive approach ensures that we can cater to their individual needs. We make every effort to provide services in their native language, or in a language they’re comfortable with, to make the transition process as smooth as possible. This approach promotes a sense of belonging and aids in the faster integration of refugees into their new environment.

Sahaba Initiative’s commitment to serving refugees doesn’t stop with the provision of basic necessities. We take a holistic approach to their well-being, ensuring they receive psychological support if needed. This mental health support is crucial in helping them cope with the trauma they may have faced and the challenges of building a new life in an unfamiliar place.

By contributing to Sahaba Initiative, you are directly supporting our refugee services. Your generosity can help provide a refugee family with a new home, employment opportunities, educational support, and the chance to live a stable, secure life in their new community. Together, we can turn the tide on the refugee crisis and make a profound difference in the lives of those who need it most.