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Food and Wellness Center

Food Distribution

Every Saturday at 12 PM, the doors of our food pantry swing open to welcome families and individuals affected by food insecurity. At Sahaba Initiative, we are determined to combat hunger by offering more than just immediate relief. We strive to provide an empowering, comprehensive approach to food security.

In addition to supplying basic necessities, we offer nutritional mentoring and educational programming. Our aim is not just to fill bellies but to fuel minds with the knowledge and skills needed to sustain a nutritious lifestyle.

We conduct nutrition and cooking classes, turning the task of meal preparation into a creative, health-focused activity. We believe that everyone should have access to wholesome, delicious food that nourishes both body and soul.

For those who need additional assistance, we also facilitate CalFresh sign-ups. As California’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), CalFresh can provide eligible families and individuals with the means to purchase fresh food and groceries.

Client-Choice Model:
A Recipe for Community Health Success

As part of our commitment to empowering our community, we are thrilled to announce that in 2023, Sahaba Initiative will transition to a “Client Choice Model” for our food pantry. This is more than a procedural change—it’s a transformative step that will significantly enhance the experience for all who walk through our doors.

In adopting the Client Choice Model, we are not just revamping our food distribution process; we’re renovating our space to create a dignified, welcoming, and inviting environment. Our food pantry will resemble a grocery store, allowing clients to personally select food that suits their dietary needs and preferences. This innovation will help to reduce food waste while promoting independence and respect for those we serve.

Moreover, this renovated space will double as a learning environment where visitors can gain valuable insights about nutrition and healthy eating. Clients can discover the benefits of different food groups, learn how to read food labels, and gain tips on meal planning, all aimed at promoting long-term food security and health. We believe that knowledge is power, and our goal is to empower our clients with the tools to make informed decisions about their nutrition.

This Client Choice Model is our commitment to putting dignity, choice, and education at the heart of our services. At Sahaba Initiative, we’re not just handing out food—we’re sowing seeds of knowledge, empowerment, and community resilience.