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Sahaba Waqf

Your One Gift, Endless Impact
Allow us to assist you in crafting a charitable contribution that not only aligns with your financial goals but also leaves a lasting legacy of compassion and generosity.

Our Purpose

Sahaba Waqf is driven by a clear set of objectives aimed at nurturing thriving communities and uplifting those in need. Our primary goals include providing sustainable solutions to societal challenges, promoting education, healthcare, and social welfare, and fostering economic empowerment among marginalized populations. By strategically allocating waqf funds, we strive to create lasting, transformative change that transcends temporary assistance and fosters self-reliance and dignity.

Legacy Planning for Philanthropic Heritage

Donor advised funds

With Donor Advisory Funds (DAFs), you have the opportunity to nurture your charitable spirit throughout your lifetime. Your contributions support causes close to your heart, and even beyond, as your children carry forward your legacy of giving.

Legacy through Bequests

Considering leaving a lasting impact? A bequest in your will or trust offers a meaningful way to support our mission. It's a flexible and widely embraced method to ensure your values and commitment endure, shaping a better future for generations to come.

Charitable trusts

By establishing a charitable trust, you can transform your assets into a perpetual source of support. Whether it's providing income for life or a specified term, your generosity not only benefits you but also strengthens our ability to serve those in need.

Our Success Stories

In a rural village where access to quality education was limited, the Sahaba Initiative's Waqf program stepped in to make a transformative impact. Through the establishment of an educational waqf, generous donors contributed to the construction of a new school building, equipped with modern facilities and resources. As a result, children who previously had to travel long distances to attend school now have a safe and conducive learning environment right in their own community. This initiative not only improves educational outcomes but also empowers future generations to pursue their dreams and become leaders in their communities.
"Empowering Education for Future Leaders"
In an urban neighborhood grappling with limited healthcare resources, the Sahaba Initiative's Waqf program played a crucial role in ensuring access to essential medical services. Through the creation of a healthcare waqf, donors provided funding to establish a community health clinic staffed with skilled healthcare professionals. This clinic offers a range of services, including preventive care, medical consultations, and basic treatments, catering primarily to low-income families and marginalized individuals. By addressing healthcare disparities and promoting wellness within the community, this initiative embodies the spirit of compassion and solidarity upheld by the Sahaba Initiative's Waqf program.
"Sustaining Healthcare Access for Vulnerable Communities"

Waqf Insights: Community Transformations

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Frequently Asked Questions- Waqf

A waqf is a charitable endowment in Islamic tradition, where assets are dedicated to specific charitable purposes, with the income generated used to support those causes. At the Sahaba Initiative, our Waqf program allows individuals to contribute funds or assets, which are then invested to generate sustainable income to support community development initiatives. 

You can contribute to the Sahaba Waqf through various means, including making a one-time donation, setting up a recurring donation, or including a waqf contribution in your estate planning. To make a donation, please visit our website or contact our Waqf department for assistance.

Waqf funds contributed to the Sahaba Initiative are utilized to address key areas of community development, including education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, and infrastructure improvement. We ensure that waqf funds are allocated strategically to maximize their impact and benefit those in need.

While donors cannot directly specify how their waqf contribution is used, they can choose to contribute to specific types of waqf initiatives, such as educational waqf, healthcare waqf, or general community development waqf. Rest assured that all contributions are utilized in accordance with the organization’s mission and priorities.

Yes, contributions to the Sahaba Waqf program may be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. We recommend consulting with a tax advisor or financial planner for guidance on the tax implications of your donation and how to maximize your tax benefits while supporting our charitable initiatives.