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Donate your Fidya and/or Kaffara
Locally with Sahaba Initiative

Fidya Contributions
at Sahaba Initiative

Your Fidya donation serves as a lifeline for those struggling with food insecurity in our local communities. We use these blessed contributions to finance the purchase and distribution of nutritious food to families in need. Your Fidya donations, therefore, play a direct and immediate role in alleviating hunger and nourishing our neighbors.

To determine your Fidya, you can calculate it as $5 for each day of fast missed or $150 for the entirety of Ramadan. Regardless of the amount, every Fidya contribution holds immense value in our mission, transforming from monetary aid into a source of sustenance and hope for those we serve.

Kaffara Contributions
at Sahaba Initiative

At Sahaba Initiative, Kaffara donations become a source of compassion and relief for local communities grappling with hunger. These contributions are channeled directly towards the procurement and distribution of food, ensuring that your Kaffara aids those most in need.

Kaffara can be calculated as $90 for each day of fasting missed, which then translates into meals for 60 individuals. By donating your Kaffara to Sahaba Initiative, you not only fulfill your religious obligation, but also contribute to a larger purpose – feeding a hungry family and nurturing a healthier community.

Why Donate your Fidya and Kaffara with Sahaba Initiative?

In utilizing your Fidya and Kaffara donations, we are mindful of the sacred trust you place in us. Each contribution is handled with care, respect, and a commitment to making the most meaningful impact possible in the lives of those we serve.

Our commitment is to locally distribute 100% of your Fidya and Kaffara donations, focusing our efforts on vulnerable families within our community. Through this unique form of giving, you’re not only fulfilling a religious duty but also playing a transformative role in the lives of those around you.

Sahaba Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and all of your donations to Sahaba Initiative are tax-deductible.