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Become a monthly donor and make a lasting impact with the Sahaba Initiative’s Companions Program.

Join our mission to uplift our community by donating just $1 a day – that’s $30 a month. Your regular, automated donations not only reflect the Prophetic tradition of consistent giving, but they also qualify for tax deductions, benefitting you and our cause.

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Join Our Mission – 1000 Companions

We aim to unite 1000 Companions to sustainably support our services. Whether you’re a leader, professional, student, or changemaker, your regular contributions enable us to continue creating positive change. Join us today, and let’s build a brighter future, one dollar at a time.

Automated Giving – The Companions Way

Embrace the ease of automated donations with the Companions Program. Commit once, and we handle the rest, deducting your contribution from your preferred account each month.

Consistent Contributions – Transformative Change

Following the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) teachings, our program encourages small, regular donations. Every dollar is a drop of change, cumulatively creating significant social impact.

Funding Our Impactful Programs

Your contributions as a Companion empower our initiatives, from fighting hunger to promoting wellness. Through your support, we address immediate needs and invest in long-term community resilience, driving our collective future.

Recognizing Our Companions

Celebrate your commitment with exclusive invitations to special events and unique giveaways, connecting with fellow changemakers and witnessing the impact of your contributions.